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Ornamental Grass File
Lirope - Monkey Grass
Below: Liriope 'Big Blue' - Shade
Below: Liriope 'Variegated' - Sun
Below: Lirope 'Silver Dragon' - Sun
Height:   12-15"
Width:   18"
Exposure:   Sun or Shade depending on variety
Water:   Low, very drought tolerant
Hardiness:   USDA Zones 6-10
Pruning:   Can be clipped to ground in late winter before new growth begins to emerge in spring

Liriope, also commonly known as 'Monkey Grass', makes for a great border though we use it more often in mass plantings as a groundcover. We also use it in smaller beds to underplant trees such as Crape Myrtle and Japanese maples.

Pretty, lavender to pink flower spikes emerge and rise above the foliage in summer. Once established, Liriope is virtually indestructible. You can run over it with your car, the pets can lay all over it...and they will.

Many varieties are available however the one's we plant most are 'Big Blue', which prefers shade or afternoon shade, and 'Variegata', which prefers sun. These two varieities will not run all over your beds or out into the lawn. They stay in neat, mounded clumps that gradually expand in size over the years.

'Silver Dragon', on the other hand, is a spreader. We plant it only in areas where it will be contained on all sides by concrete driveways, walks or something that will contain it.

When it comes to groundcover, these little ornamental grasses are as tough as they come. All are exceptionally drought tolerant and not picky when it comes to soil.

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